Synchro 4D Pro Essentials

By the end of this learning unit, learners will be able to use Synchro Pro to perform and review the accuracy of matching between 3D BIM model and programme, review 4D BIM simulation for virtualisation,

Course Overview

This course is suitable for learners who wish to develop competent skills in 4D BIM, particularly for using Synchro Pro to animate and visualize construction progress. Learners will understand the fundamentals of using Synchro Pro, and the basic 4D BIM workflow which includes importing 3D models and schedule, creating resources from 3D objects, creating appearance profiles and assigning resources tasks. By the end of the training, learners will be able to create 4D BIM models and export the sequenced images or animations for review and presentation purposes. Importantly, this course draws on the fundamentals of construction planning, such as Synchro Pro’s relation to a Primavera P6 schedule, and how it links a BIM model to the concept of time. To help users navigate a BIM environment where there are competing products, they will also learn the general concept of using Synchro Pro with various types of BIM modelling tools (e.g. Revit, AECOsim), understand Synchro Pro’s limitations in order to manage needs and expectations, and also compare Synchro Pro against other types of 4D BIM software available.

Course Curriculum

  • LO1. Describe 4D implementation in the construction industry What is 4D?

  • LO2. Describe the uses and limitation of Synchro 4D Pro as a solution.

  • LO3. Create a Synchro 4D Pro file

  • LO4. Navigate Synchro 4D Pro interface

  • LO5. Describe the “Critical Path Method” in the project planning

  • LO6. Import schedules into Synchro 4D Pro

  • LO7. Import 3D models into Synchro 4D Pro

  • LO8. Navigate the Gantt chart

  • LO9. Differentiate resource types

  • LO10. Create 3D filters

  • LO11. Select objects, resources and tasks in Synchro Pro 4D

  • LO12. Assign custom appearance profiles

  • LO13. Creating tasks in Synchro 4D pro

  • LO14. Perform 3D subdivision to create resources.

  • LO15. Import and manipulating equipment

  • LO16. Create non-object resources

  • LO17. Create 3D paths

  • LO18. Create cutting planes

  • LO19. Assign resources to task

  • LO20. Synchronise model with an updated model

  • LO21. Synchronise Schedules

  • LO22. Compare Baselines using 3D Views

  • LO23. Create Viewpoints

  • LO24. Create animation in Synchro 4D pro

  • LO25. Modify textual frames to display information, texts and logo

  • LO26. Export animation to video

  • LO27. Export animation to images

  • LO28. Print the Gantt Chart

  • LO29. Export to 3D pdf

  • LO30. Export schedule health report


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    24 Hours

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      Ace Industrial Academy Pte. Ltd.




      24 Hours

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      $750 (excluding GST)

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