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Gain expertise in using software widely used in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Sector.

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We ensure that you truly learn by attachng you to real projects.

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SSG Funding, Workfare Training Support, Absenteee Payroll, and PSEA Funds

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The skills that you learn are used industry-wide. Whether you aim to equip your internal teams with new skillsets or are looking to be technically qualifiied for your first job, we are the place for you.

What our students say

Here’s why you should rely on Ace Industrial Academy for Professional Training courses that work.

“This program has provided me with many career opportunities…I was able to become a project planner at the end of my apprenticeship with AcePLP”

Yong Jian

Woh Hup Engineering

“With this first-hand involvement, I learnt the perspective of a BIM Modeller and picked up skills as a BIM Coordinator and Manager from my seniors.  I must say that working for the LTA-BIM conversion project is the top of my list for being the most fulfilling yet challenging working experience I had working in the company.”

Nur Sharinah

SP ELP Student

“There are skills tests that are run by our AcePLP mentors and I think it is very useful because it really makes us learn the concepts of each software.”


Surbana Jurong

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