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Digitizing the Built-Environment

We work hard to provide working professionals with the tools to excel in digital construction.

About Us

Recognising the shortage of skilled talent in the Built-Environment Sector, Ace Industrial Academy was set up in 2005 to build up the technical skills of its parents companies’ employees.

AIA has now expanded its training services to provide commercial training to external clients on top of its own in-house team. By combining classroom training with practical industry experience, AIA is able to nurture highly effective professionals in the built-environment sector.


To groom the professional architects and engineers of the future.


To enhance engineering workflow through technology.


We have nurtured more than 2000 BIM Professionals in Singapore.

industry-leading bim training

Since 1995, we have produced more than a 1000 BIM professionals across all engineering verticals in Singapore. Our training programme is recognised by the industry as an Autodesk Authorized Training Center and a Bentley Product Training Partner.


Our trainers are certified with the Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (ACTA).


We commit to teaching things that will be most useful when you are working on projects.

BIM Professional conversion (PCP)

Employers may reduce BIM course fees by up to 80% and receive hourly salary support.

careers in integrated digital delivery (IDD)

By assigning you out to real industry projects, we ensure that the skills picked up in the classroom are immediately applied. This helps to soldify your learning experience and ensure that you truly understand what you have learnt.

We have nurtured more than 1000 BIM Professionals in Singapore.

Our trainers will be there to support you when you run into problems during your projects.

Leverage on our client network to gain experience on a wide variety of projects.

WSG work-study programmes

We work with Institutes of Learning to expose young talent to the built-environment sector. The industry now calls for a new generation of digital-natives with the skills to build and operate infrastructure projects.

Innovative technologies like Design for Manufacturing & Assembly, Adaptive Design, IOT Implementation, and Smart Cities require a layer of digital skills built atop firm foundational knowledge in construction processes.

BIM Professional conversion Programme (PCP)

Not every company can afford the resources to implement an in-house training team to equip their employees with the digital skills necessary to survive.

Ace Industrial Academy works with businesses to offer BIM training at highly subsidised course rates. In addition, personnel may receive salary support of up to $15 per hour to undergo training at our centers.


our clients

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