How to Apply for BIM PCP

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The BIM PCP aims to equip mid-career professionals with the digital skills needed in Virtual Design & Construction. Due to the strong demand for infrastructure projects in Singapore, there has been a growing shortage of skilled workers in BIM.

Who may apply for bim pcp?

  • Singaporean Citizens & PRs
  • Mid-Career Professionals
  • Diploma Holders & Higher

What is bim?

BIM is a means for consultants, architects, and contractors to communicate with one another using a common language. With Singapore’s push into digital construction, more PMET jobs in project management, parametric design modelling, pre-fabrication, and smart city design would be created. BIM would provide a Common Data Environment for various disciplines to communicate with one another effectively across the project lifecycle.

Why is BIM Training Important

BIM is a means of communication. BIM data models must be grounded in a common set of standards such that various stakeholders can understand and get onboard a project quickly. Without proper training in industry best-practices, the BIM data models simply cannot be understood by other parties during project handover.

For example, contractors might need to extract 2D drawings from the architectural BIM Model handed to them by the project consultants. Without an understanding of how to navigate and interact with the BIM model, some contractors resort to manually modifying the 2D drawings extracted from the Revit BIM model, resulting in conflicts between the final BIM model and the extracted shop drawings.

What is the job scope of a bim specialist?

The job scope of a BIM Specialist can be split into 3 broad categories:

Any infrastructure project consist of 3 main disciplines: Architectural, Civil & Structural, and Mechanical & Electrical Components. Each of these disciplines require months of specialized project expeience in order for an indivdual to perform at an acceptable level.

BIM Co-ordinators  are selected for their high performance on the job as well as their broad project experience across engineering disciplines. Part of their job scope would involve checking for clashes between BIM objects and also performing simulations in various BIM software.

BIM Managers may be tasked to keep a project on track by planning & co-ordinating the schedules of project resources using BIM management tools like Autodesk Navisworks or Oracle Primavera. They may also be tasked with performing quantity take-offs and provide accurate costing forecasts to project owners.

Funding Options

The BIM PCP can be used to upskill existing employees to be redeployed in emerging job roles in Digital Construction. By working with Ace Industrial Academy, training programmes can be tailored to your staff’s work schedules. This would minimise disruption to your employees’ working hours.

As a Bentley Certified Partner as well as an Authorized Autodesk Training Partner, you can trust in Ace Industrial Academy’s certified trainining programmes.

For employers, the BIM PCP can reduce operational costs to employers as 70%-90% of salary and cost fees will be covered under WSG’s “Place-and-Train” Scheme for the duration of the training programme.

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